Calculating the Graft Count in Hair Transplantation

How to Calculate Graft in Hair Transplantation?

Graft, which is frequently encountered in Hair Transplantation terminology, means “hair follicle”. There are 2-3 hair strands in an average graft. Graft is a term that is frequently confused by people considering hair transplantation. For example, 2500 grafts means approximately 5000-7500 hair follicles. Graft Calculation in Hair Transplantation is the examination of the area to be transplanted by a specialist doctor and the determination of the number of follicles that will cover the hair loss in the area.

You can calculate the number of grafts you need according to your hair loss from the application below. Graft Calculation Tool and Norwood Hair Scale only help you get an approximate number of grafts. For an exact number, you should come to our hair transplantation center and meet with our specialist doctor. You can contact us for a free Hair Analysis and feel free to call us at the phone numbers below for any questions you may have on this subject.

You can use the Norwood Hair Scale when calculating Graft – Hair Density in hair transplantation. The approximate number of grafts required according to the Norwood Hair Scale is given in the table below.