Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow Transplantation in Antalya Turkey

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

Even though usually women undergo this operation, it can also be implemented to men in case of need.

Special and finer micro devices are used for eyebrow transplantation. After the necessary preliminary meetings are made with New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center, shape of the brows are drawn, and the patient gives their approval, hair transplantation may start following the laboratory tests intended as a precaution to infectious diseases.

How Is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

Implemented under local anesthesia as is the case in hair transplantation, the eyebrow transplantation in Antalya Turkey involves acquisition of follicles necessary for transplantation from the nape hair. Even though it is necessary to trim the hair for removal of the follicles, our specialists at New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center perform this trimming in places and manners that that make the trimmed part unnoticeable to the eye.

The number of follicles removed varies depending on the projected shape of the eyebrow. This number generally ranges from 50 to 500.

What is Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrows Must Be Planted in a Correct Angle

The most important aspect of this operation is the way of planting due to its significance in the structure and growth pattern of the eyebrows. The planting angle of the hair strands requires great attention because the hair that grows on the eyebrow area has angular differences depending on the part of the eyebrow, and it would be inevitable to have an unpleasant appearance if the correct angle is missed.

While the hair that grows closer to the nasal bone grows more upright, remarkable differences occur on the parts closer to ears. You can trust our experienced and skillful specialists in New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center.

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Eyebrows Must Be Transplanted at Correct Angles