Hair Transplantation in Women

Kadınlarda Saç Ekimi

Female-Specific Reasons

The factors that cause hair loss are different for women and men. They include stress, malnutrition, crash diets, heavy medications that harm hair follicles, and also genetic factors are among them. The causes of hair loss specific to women primarily include childbirth and hormonal disorders. Although some of such causes are curable, the cases in which all of the follicles or grafts are dead are not remediable. It is not possible to revive dead grafts.

Hair Loss Is Different in Females than in Males

Hair loss in men is characterized by regression of the forehead line and temples, and formation of hairless areas on the top of the head. Hair loss and baldness in women generally starts with the middle line that divides the hair in half, and proceeds sideways. This is particularly related to the structure of hair follicles. Hair follicles in women are equal in structure on the head and on the nape area.

Reasons Special for Women

Is It Possible to Transplant Hair in Women?

This is risky in terms of hair transplantation. The fact that the follicles in the nape area in men are immune to being lost implies that the hereditary risks are minimized. Since the follicles on women’s head are more equal in structure, a similar follicle is transplanted. Thus, it is not possible to guarantee that the follicles with the same structure will not be lost or adhere to the area of hair loss.

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Can Women Get Hair Transplanted?