Mustache Transplantation

Moustache Transplantation

What is Moustache Transplantation?

Since the presence of hair on the upper lip provides a specific type of appearance for men, absence of this hair – moustache – is defined as disturbing. Just like hair and eyebrows, moustache is suitable for hair follicle transplantation. In New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center, the follicles needed for transplantation can be taken from the nape area and planted on the upper lip. In some instances, there may be scars or marks on this area. New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Staff can also conceal such marks through Beard Transplantation.

What is Mustache Transplantation?

What Should Be Paid Attention in Moustache Transplantation?

It is very important to have a natural appearance of moustache and not to plant follicles too close to one another. As is the case in other transplant operations, the transplanted follicles should not be too close to one another. New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Staff is confident of the experience of its specialists, and its success in both hair and moustache transplantation. Thus, New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center guarantees that our specialists can perform moustache transplantation without any complication. This will allow the follicles to have enough space for feeding and growing. Since the moustache area is in the middle of the face, the finer the tip of a micro device is, the more aesthetic the result that they yield will be. You can have such operations with your mind at peace at New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center.

What to Pay Attention to in Mustache Transplantation

After Moustache Transplantation

The color of the area turns dark red after transplantation. What causes this appearance is the clots that form after drying of the blood that runs out of the channels that are opened on the skin for follicles no matter how small in diameter these channels are. This appearance fades after the first washing that is done 24 hours after the transplant operation, and it completely disappears within a week to 10 days after the operation. Once the follicles are professionally planted on the area where they are needed, they look like a 3- or 4-day beard. Even though follicles continue to grow immediately after the operation, a clear view of the growth can be observed within 3 to 4 months after the surgery. It is even possible to shave the area with a conventional razorblade in approximately 10 days after the operation.

After Mustache Transplantation