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New HairLine Hair Transplant Center
New HairLine Hair Transplant Center
New HairLine Hair Transplant Center


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New Hairline Hair Transplantation Center

New HairLine Hair Transplant Center
New HairLine Hair Transplant Center


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Hair loss is an important problem that women as well as men face today. To put it briefly, hair loss is generally a part of the hair renewal process. In a healthy person, 85-90% of the hair is constantly growing. This situation, known as the growth phase, can last 2-5 years. The remaining 10-15% of the hair waits in the resting phase that lasts several months. In this process, called the telogen phase, hair falls out and new hair follicles begin to grow in place of the lost hair follicles, and the hair growth process continues with this cycle. The condition we call hair loss is the situation where new hair follicles do not grow in place of the hair follicles lost in the telogen phase.

Our services

FUE Method

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

This method is called Follicular Unit Extraction and can be defined as removal of follicles, which are root units that can contain more than one strands of hair, using a micro device...

FUT Method

Hair Transplantation with FUT Method

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation and it is the first method that was developed for this purpose. It involves planting the follicles taken from the nape area...

Hair transplantation in women

Hair Transplantation in Women

The factors that cause hair loss are different for women and men. They include stress, malnutrition, crash diets, heavy medications that harm hair follicles, and also...

Beard Transplantation

Moustache Transplantation

Since the presence of hair on the upper lip provides a specific type of appearance for men, absence of this hair – moustache – is defined as disturbing. Just like hair and eyebrows...

Mustache Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Just like hair and moustache transplantation is a difficult operation that requires attention and an elaborate effort. New Hairline Antalya Turkey, Hair transplantation center...

PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

Many diseases are attributable to the deficiency of stem cells or greatly affected by them. Stem cells are actually in our bone marrow but they are ...

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Latest Technology Equipment

Latest Technology Equipment

The technology used in hair transplantation is constantly developing and as Hair Med, we provide service with the latest hair transplantation techniques and equipment. This ensures that operations are completed with a higher success rate.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Personalized Treatment Plans

Each individual's hair structure and needs are different. At Hair Med, we aim to meet our patients' expectations in the best way by preparing special treatment plans.

Natural Looking Results

Natural Looking Results

One of the most important criteria for people who want to have a hair transplant is naturalness. At Hair Med, we offer our patients natural-looking hair by using transplantation techniques that will provide natural hairline and density.

Maximum Comfort and Security

Maximum Comfort and Security

Highly skilled dental team with a passion for excellencaWe prioritize the comfort and safety of our patients above all else. At Hair Med clinics, we provide sterile conditions, comfortable waiting rooms and any support the patient may need.e

How are we progressing?

With detailed health and hair analysis performed before hair transplantation, we determine the most appropriate treatment method for each patient’s condition. At Hair Med, we attach great importance to this.

Detailed information is given before hair transplantation, then the operation date is determined by taking the information, and Hair Med Hair transplantation center is prepared for you.

The comprehensive after-care service offered to our patients after hair transplantation ensures that the transplanted hair grows healthy and is permanent.