FUT Method

FUT Method

What is FUT Method of Hair Transplantation?

FUT stands for follicular unit transplantation and it is the first method that was developed for this purpose. It involves planting the follicles taken from the nape area (or sometimes from various areas of the body) in the parts of the body where they are needed. Thus, the hair that already lives on the body is moved to where you want it to be.

Just think of how the hair that is seen in the image is removed with its follicles from the body using a scalpel. Considering that parts of your hair grow in close proximity to one another, it is fair to say that removal of the maximum amount of follicles requires an adequately deep and long incision, which always leaves operation marks.

What is FUT Hair Transplantation Method?

Improved FUT Method

The first method of FUT technique involves cutting out the follicles from the nape of the head and placing them where they are needed in small groups. Having performed research and development work on this technique, the experts developed the FUE method that is much superior and more advantageous in terms of aesthetics, efficiency, and above all, patient satisfaction.

FUT Technique that is particularly used abroad is not implemented by our Hair Transplantation Staff.

Enhanced FUT Method

The FUT Method Became History in Turkey

Just as it has developed and progressed at an incredible rate in tourism, health tourism, and many other fields, Turkey has bred great specialists in hair transplantation using the FUE Technique. Our specialists gave up the FUT method upon seeing that the FUE method yields more aesthetic and professional results that leads to greater patient satisfaction.

Even though FUT Method takes less time and easy to perform from the perspective of a specialist, New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center puts the post-operative appearance and satisfaction of patients above the specialists and their comfort. Let our specialists stand by you throughout this process and use the latest technique to restore the appearance of your hair.

FUT Method Has Become History in Turkey