Fue Method

FUE Method

What is FUE Method in Hair Transplantation?

This method is called Follicular Unit Extraction and can be defined as removal of follicles, which are root units that can contain more than one strands of hair, using a micro device with a special size in diameter without harming the follicles, storing them in serums that resemble their natural environment, and placing them in the areas that are opened by elaborate techniques. New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center has expertise in FUE Method and does not use any other technique.

Experience and Expertise Above All

Most satisfying results both for our patients and in aesthetic terms is achieved only by FUE Technique, because scalpels or any other device that leaves operation marks are not used. There is not any risk of leaving operation marks but New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center would like to add a point that you should pay attention to:

Even the FUE method yields undesirable results if it is implemented by inexperienced and amateur practitioners. The devices that are used during the removal of follicles and the channels open to the hairless area are sharp. If the specialist that performs your hair transplantation is not competent enough, they may not use appropriate blades, the operation may lead to a disturbing appearance.

What is the FUE Method in Hair Transplantation?
Expert Staff New Hairline

The Specialized Staff of New Hairline

Each specialist in New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center pays attention to avoid giving our patients a disturbing appearance, and apply only the FUE Technique for hair transplantation. Therefore, we totally agree that the FUE Method is advantageous but we want to remind that this is true as long as it is implemented by a competent person.

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