Free Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is a routine examination conducted before the beginning of hair transplantation. Our specialist checks the hair texture, hair color, follicle quality, hair density, site(s) of hair loss, hair pores, and skin texture to obtain necessary information for the operation. In addition, if the patient has a medical history, it is also taken into consideration. In the light of such information, our specialist gives you complete information about the health of your hair and whether you are suitable for hair transplantation, and methods such as Mesotherapy and PRP are suggested if you are not.

The hair analysis conducted before hair transplantation plays an important role in the quality of hair transplantation. Hair Analysis is of great importance for raising the effectiveness of the planned treatment and methods. Since Hair Transplantation is supported with the information obtained from the patient, and reports, the results are more positive. For instance, if the patient has a skin disease that will reduce the quality of the hair transplantation, this disease is cured by medical intervention before the hair transplantation treatment.

New Hairline Antalya Hair Transplantation Center invites you to Antalya Medical Park Hospital to give you information about hair transplantation and conduct free hair analysis. You can contact us through the telephone numbers on our website, email us, or write to us on the contact page of our website.

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